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Enterprise Afternoons


On Friday afternoons, all children take part in our Enterprise Afternoon. This involves:


  • What's Cooking? (Cooking and Nutrition)

Each week, a group takes part in cooking, predominantly looking at and cooking,  savoury foods. They have to consider the nutritional value of food, sourcing and seasonality. They also look at the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet.


  • DT Challenge! (Objective Led)

Children are given a learning objective, which they then design and make a project around using their technical knowledge. At the end of the project, they then evaluate their work.


  • Westnewton Goes Wild! 

Our children take part in outdoor learning. We use a local forest, our own grounds and the local environment. We also have a Mountain Challenge, where each year group climb a mountain in the Lake Disctrict.


  • Go Create! (Child Initiated Learning)


The children choose and plan their own project and, over the term, they are encouraged to develop their skills in: crafts, modelling, art, clay, drama, computing, book making and more. Each week, the children will also evaluate how the session went. They are encouraged to identify improvements and next steps. At the end of each project, they complete a full evaluation of how their project went. This independent learning motivates children and gives confidence.

Adele - Our School Calf


Our enterprise team went to auction with money they had raised and bought a calf for the school. The calf is now kept on a local farm, and the children raise money to pay for its up-keep. We will, eventually, sell the calf and hopefully make a profit to buy a new calf.