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Learning Partners


Everyday, children in class 1 and class 2 get time to check their work from the previous day and respond to the teachers' comments. 


At the beginning of the day, before the Maths session starts, children sit with their learning partner and address any mistakes or misconceptions they may have, from the previous day’s work. They may also have to answer a challenge question to develop or consolidate their knowledge. This enables children to assess their own work, and for them to work as support for their partner.


'Green Pen' Comments


Children can make their own 'Green Pen' comments at the end of their work. Here, they assess what they have done in the lesson (what they found easy/hard, why, and what their next steps are to either improve or progress). This is really helpful for them and for us. We can see how the children feel about their learning and it is another means of communication and assessment.